WIOA Performance and Transparency

WIOA Seeks Goal Driven & Evidence Based Decision Making:
Illinois has worked toward achieving the Governor’s vision by using a clear set of principles: a demand-driven sector-strategy framework; strong business partnerships; a focus on career pathways; integrated service delivery; cross-agency collaboration and alignment; access and opportunity for all; clear metrics for success, and; a focus on continuous improvement and innovation.  

  • Goal Setting
  • Assuring timely, actionable performance information is available to decision-makers at all levels of organization, and
  • Conducting frequent data-driven reviews that guide decisions and actions to improve performance and reduce costs.
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Illinois Workforce Development Annual Reports
  • 2017 Illinois Workforce Development Annual Report (PDF)
  • 2016 Illinois Workforce Development Annual Report (PDF)

Quarterly Reporting
​Title I
​Quarter 1
WIOA Adult (PDF)
WIOA Youth (PDF)
Dislocated Worker (PDF)
Quarter 2​
WIOA Adult (PDF)
WIOA Youth (PDF)
Dislocated Worker (PDF)
Title II
​*Coming Soon
​​*Coming Soon
Title III
​​*Coming Soon
​​*Coming Soon

Negotiated WIOA Performance Goals
  • PY 2018 & PY 2019 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Illinois Final Negotiated Performance Goals  (PDF)
    • PY 2018 & PY 2019 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Illinois Negotiated Performance Goals Overview (PDF)

Contact Information:

Title I
Patti Schnoor
Illinois Department of Commerce
Email: patricia.schnoor@illinois.gov
Phone: 217-524-4441
Title II
Ben McDaniel
Illinois Community College Board
Email: ben.mcdaniel@illinois.gov
Phone: 217-558-5669
Title III
Sergio Estrada
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Email: sergio.estrada@illinois.gov
Phone:  312-793-6213
Title IV
Doug Morton
Illinois Department of Human Services
Email: douglas.morton@illinois.gov
Phone: 312-814-1936

  • DOL ETA WIOA Performance (Webpage)
  • Workforce GPS Performance Tutorial and Educational Information (Webpage)
  • How WIOA Performance Data Works Infographic (Image)   
WIOA Performance Data Works Infographic.png

Active WIOA Participants by County and Congressional District

Each map marker below identifies the number of active WIOA participants by County in the State of Illinois. Click on the list view to see the number of WIOA participants in each county listed in alphabetical order.

Updated: February 2, 2019

Each map marker below identifies the number of active WIOA participants in each Congressional District in the State of Illinois. Click on the list view to see Congressional Districts listed with the number of individuals being served in each District.

Updated: February 2, 2019